Being one of the most important events in your life, if not the most important, you would surely want to have nothing but the best for your wedding. In the same way, you might also want to have it documented, such as in the case of pictures, which will always remind you of such special day.

In most cases, however, still pictures will not be enough for wedding documentation. This is the part wherein wedding videography can be beneficial, providing you with the opportunity to capture live moments and have it translated into a film. In the next years, when you watch the film, you will stay more in love with each other.



Our silver package provides you with a beautiful and polished eyewitness account of your wedding ceremony. We will use professional audio equipment to make sure your video looks and sounds the way it should. We will capture all the great moments of the ceremony and edit them into a full length video for you to enjoy for years to come.

-1 Filmmaker
-3 HD Cameras for Ceremony
-Full Ceremony Coverage
-Professional Quality Audio
-Edited into 20-40 minute Full -Length Video
-4 Blu-Ray Discs or DVDs


Our Gold package offers you all the benefits of the Silver package but while also adding a 3-5 minute cinematic highlight film. You’ll also receive an extra camera angle during your ceremony for an even more professional quality video. We not only will film your entire ceremony, but we also will document your entire day and create a 3-5 minute cinematic highlight film.

-2 Filmmakers
-4 HD Cameras for Ceremony
-Up to 8 Hours of Coverage
-Professional Quality Audio
-3-5 Minute Highlight Film
-20-40 Minute Full Length -Ceremony Video
-4 Blu-Ray Discs or DVDs


Our Diamond Package offers the very best of our wedding coverage. The package includes a well produced full length ceremony from 5-6 angles making it a high end professional quality product. This package also includes a 10-15 minute cinematic wedding film of your entire day. See below for more package details.

-3 Filmmakers
-5 HD Cameras for Ceremony
-Up to 10 Hours of Coverage
-Professional Quality Audio
-10-15 Minute Cinematic Film
-20-40 Minute Full Length Ceremony Video
-Full Length Toasts and First Dance Video
-4 Blu-Ray Discs or DVDs
-Digital Copy to Share and Enjoy

A La Carte

Pre-Wedding Add-Ons

These add-ons are all available to be completed before your wedding day

Photo Montage – $200

A custom photo montage displaying images of your choice (baby, childhood, growing up, friends and engagement photos) set to your choice of music. Often used for the wedding ceremony or rehearsal dinner.


Instead of telling everyone how you got in engaged, show them! Capture your engagement – the surprise, the emotion, the YES! – on video. We will film and edit the proposal into a beautiful 2-3 minute video for you to share and remember.

Love Story – $800

This is the story of how you met and fell in love. We will interview the bride and groom, then film you both in places that are special to you (ie. the place you first met, first date, and place of engagement). This is often shown at the rehearsal dinner or wedding.

Save the Date Video – $400

Engaged? Want to spread the great news with all of your friends and family with a special video? A Save-the-Date video is a very fun way to let everyone know and get your guests excited about your wedding. You can share it on your social media like Facebook, Twitter, wedding blog, wedding website, link it to your email.

Full Length Ceremony – $1000

We will use multiple cameras to cover your complete ceremony from beginning to end. Using professional audio equipment, you will be able remember every word, look and tear during your wedding for years to come.

Wedding Add-Ons

Designed to enhance your wedding day experience, these add-ons give you several options to make your wedding video the best it can be.

Full First Dance – $200

We will deliver you a full length copy of your first dance from multiple angles for you to enjoy for years to come.

Full Length Speeches – $300

This add-on will allow us to give you full length copies of the best man and maid of honor speeches given during the reception. Will be shot from multiple angles with professional audio equipment.

Rehearsal Dinner – $500

The toasts, the fun, the laughter and your last moments single. Up to 2 hours of coverage during the dinner and toasts

Extra Hour – $150

Would you like us to stick around for an extra hour or two during your reception? We can do that! Need us to show up a little earlier for wedding prep footage? We can do that as well.

Drone Footage – $150

We will use professional drones to get an aerial view of the ceremony site and reception. We may only end up using a few shots this way, but it adds a tremendous amount of professionalism to your highlight video like nothing else can.

4K Resolution Upgrade – $200

Everything we film is in HD, but if you want your video to look as good as possible years from now, this upgrade is for you.

Extra Camera – $200

This is a simple and easy way to add more professionalism to your ceremony, first dance or full length speeches video. We will set up an additional camera to capture even more footage of these special moments.

Wedding Teaser – $500

Sneak Preview of your wedding. 1-2 minute highlight video posted online 2 weeks after your wedding

Highlight Video – $1200

A cinematic short film captures all the details, emotions and story of your wedding day in a dynamic 3-5 minute film. This film is a perfect for sharing online with family and friends.

Post Wedding Add-Ons

Everything you need after the wedding

Extra DVD/Blu-Ray – $25

Want some DVDs or Blu-rays to give to family and friends? We can make them for you with beautiful custom menus. These make great gifts and “thank yous” after the wedding.

Raw Footage – $200

Why would you need this? There is often a lot of footage of the wedding day we don’t use in our highlight videos. With this upgrade, we will give you literally everything we film hard drive (client provides). This footage will be raw and unedited for you to watch and keep.

Post Wedding Video Session – $300

This is one of my favorite add-ons and one I believe adds tremendous value to your video. After your wedding, you and your husband get dressed up again just like it’s your wedding day. We then go out and film you both in a beautiful location near your wedding site. We often don’t have enough time for this during the wedding day, but this add-on will really make your video pop.

Thank You Videos – $75

Film a professional “thank you” to those special people who have made an impact on your life, helped with the wedding or just deserve it. (Price only valid for minimum of three videos ordered).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Can I See My Wedding Video?
    We typically take 5-7 weeks to complete your wedding video. Once completed, we will send it to you online to view and share with friends and family. We then will mail you a USB drive for you to keep and store.
  • Why Do I Need More Than One Camera Operator?
    A second camera operator allows us to capture much more of the wedding than with only one. For example, during the ceremony, we can capture the grooms reaction to seeing the bride for the first time and the bridge walking down the isle at the same time.
  • Do You Charge Travel Fees?
    We do charge travel fees for any wedding over 100 miles away, but those fees are minimal and should not deter you from working with us. We love to travel and film in venues in and around West Virginia.
  • What Do You Film?
    We film as much of the wedding day as possible. We start with bride and groom prep and go all the way through the reception. We will be there to capture all the important moments of your day.