Our Process


Our first step is to discuss your video needs and budget range to determine a creative style that will meet your needs. We then begin to navigate all the logistics that are required for the project. We believe this step is important for a great end product


At this stage, we begin filming the video we worked with you to prepare. We film on-location or in studio depending on the concept and script for the video. We will use appropriate equipment based on the project and your objective


Once production has been completed, we will begin to put your video together. Based on your objective, this will include color grading, music, audio enhancement, graphics as well as other audio and visual elements. Before giving you a final copy, we will allow you to revise the video in anyway you see fit


Once we have your final approval, we move on to delivery and distribution. We publish the media based on a strategic media plan, that can include one or many cross-platform channels. We also will deliver you the original file of your video to upload to your personal channels. 

How We Stack Up

Corporate Communication
Non-Profit Video
Small Business Profile
Event Videography
Final Cut Pro

Client Testimonial

The product that Paradise Valley Productions created for me and my business far surpassed my expectations. They listened to my ideas and passion for my work and took it to the next level.
Johnson Photography