Straight Shooters

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – we’d prefer it leave you speechless. Photography is more than high-end lenses and cameras. It is the study of light, composition, and emotion. That perfect storm is essential for creating photos that stand out from others. Our focus is on the details of light, shadow, and every shade and hue in between.


Whatever you need us to photograph — an event, location, product, or your own smile — we’ll set up lighting and scenery so any side we shoot is the good side.


Having your photo taken can seem overwhelming. If you aren’t comfortable we aren’t doing our job.


A photographer’s goal is to take the perfect picture – but then there’s that one strand of hair that decided to photobomb your beauty shot. Don’t worry – we’ve got this.


Once we push the pixels into their final place, we deliver the highest-quality photos to you for use on any median.

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