Griffith Wedding // 8.27.16

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We had the great honor of creating a highlight video for the wedding of Sarah and Bobby Griffith. This was actually the first time we had been to the campus of Concord University and I was incredibly impressed. It’s a beautiful campus with an absolutely gorgeous chapel right in the heart of campus. We were in love as soon as we walked through the front door. As far as a picturesque setting for a wedding goes, we could not have asked for a more beautiful setting.

Sarah looked so beautiful! Her dress was just like the fairytale wedding dresses we’ve watched in Walt Disney animations. The ceremony was beautiful! Sarah and Bobby wrote and read their own vowels to each other. One great thing about doing highlight videos of weddings is that we kind of just follow around the bride and groom and just film the day as its happening. After it’s all said and done, the shots we typically love the most are the ones in-between photographs where the groom steals a kiss and we can get those natural smiles and laughs. We may set up a shot or two but most of that is done by the photographer. Their photographer, Sarah Irvin,, was amazing to work with and she made our day a lot easier! From what we’ve seen so far, she captured this fairy tale wedding so beautifully!

The reception was right in the middle of (town) in the city park. It was laid back and so fun! We finished up the day with a sparkler exit, which always comes across so beautifully in videos. Both sides of the family were so nice to us that we felt right at home.

I hope this video helps her remember this day and all the love and emotion felt for years to come.

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